Meters of webbing produced so far by our company

Major international webbing manufacturer for the automotive, aviation and industrial markets. Security, quality & trust since 1931

5S Principle
All our departments apply the 5S principle. This tool is based on the following 5 Japanese principles: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke.
Constant Innovation
We constantly monitor the new technologies in the textile market. We acquire new equipment to meet our customers requirements.
We listen to our customer expectations and we provide outstanding attention to specific demands. Customer satisfaction is our way of life.

A major manufacturer of Automotive Narrow Fabric Webbing, including products such as Seatbelt, Tether Straps and Pull Straps is now offering a complete assembly solutions

Plant tour

Belt-Tech has established itself on the market by the quality of its products. To ensure our customers satisfaction, controls have been implemented for each of our processes. During our visit, we will focus on the tests that will enable us to manufacture a quality product.


Our major products are webbing for seat belts, webbing for air bags (automotive), industrial webbing for slings, webbing for safety harnesses, webbing for parachutes (military).


One of our missions at Belt-Tech is to lead the industry with innovative high performance and high quality products, made to measure to answer the customers and market needs, at competitive prices

We are OEM approved for those companies
We are proud members
of the WSTDA