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Skills and dedication

We rely on continuous training to maintain and develop the professional skills of our human resources. Each year, we invest heavily in training for our employees. We also promote the continuous improvement of our manufacturing and administrative processes.

Working at Belt-Tech means :


We are constantly looking for ways to reinvent ourselves in order to maintain our leadership position in the market.


We care about the sustainability of our relationships. That’s why we’re committed to being leaders in workplace wellness, safety, health, and more.


We maximize the professional development of each employee in order to maintain a simple, healthy and efficient work environment.


Nuestros beneficios

The Belt-Tech Experience

Belt-Tech offers a variety of challenging jobs that will allow you to grow professionally.

Innovative work environment
Competitive compensation
Social benefits
Attendance bonuses
Pension Plan
Opportunity for advancement


¡Forma parte del equipo!



  1. Operate and adjust the parameters of the dyeing machines.
  2. Wash the dyeing machines with a sprayer when changing colors or other.
  3. Perform physical tests of the safety strap.
  4. Inspect the finished product.
  5. Have a good mechanical sense
  6. Be well organized and a good team player.
  7. Good visual capacity


  • Have a good team spirit and know how to be diplomatic with colleagues
  • Do not be color blind
  • Being observant

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