Meters of webbing produced so far by our company

Real Time Information Seat Belts (RTI)

Surveillance module :

RTI Seat belts increases safety and facilitates crew members’ work. Activated with presence detector, each seat contains a pressure sensitive nonwoven within the seat and a small battery to produce the signal. Using the new RTI (Real Time Information) technology introduced by Belt-Tech Conductive yarns within the belt.

RTI Seatbelt
RTI Seatbelt-1-01

Display adapted to customer’s need :

The information is transfered on an existing display screen or on an alternative medium upon the customer’s preference.

  • 100 000 hres autonomy
  • Communication intervals every second
  • Wireless (2.4 GHz) or wired upon customer’s choice
  • Energy consumption per seat : 30 μW

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