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It’s with great pleasure that we announce the nomination of Della Picken our Sales Director for our industrial products as President of the WSTDA Organization.
Della has been involved with this association for many years and she will play a major role with objectives to continue the activities and success established for years to come.

She has many years of experience within this sector and her know how will help her to achieve her objectives combined with the goal of the association.



Belt-Tech Products Inc. : An investment of $6.6 million to consolidate his leadership in North America with the manufacturing of seat belt webbing for the Automotive Industry.

Granby Tuesday January 16th , 2018 — It’s with great pleasure that Mr.Robert J. Belanger President and CEO of Belt-Tech Products Inc. announce together with Business Partners, Customers and many other Government representatives a major capital investment of $6.6 million allowing the enterprise who specialize into the seat belt webbing for the Automotive Industry to increase his manufacturing capacity to reach 100 million meters per year. This volume represents 30% of the total North American demands.

This investment is made up of $3 million covering new equipment and another $3 million for additional working capital. This project has been realized with the financial support of Investissement Quebec and Caisse Desjardins Haut-Richelieu-Yamaska. This investment will be part of Belt-Tech continuous growth and a second phase to the original investment of $2 million completed in 2013.

To further implement Belt-Tech automation program, another project has been approved to automate Belt-Tech chemical mixing process. A capital investment of $600,000 of which 50% will be financed by Development Economic Canada (DEC). All the above, will bring Belt-Tech to a very competitive level within the International Market.

Innovation and growth is our way of life, without innovation, an enterprise will disappear in time. These investments will confirm our goal to be a major player within our sector of the Automotive and Aircraft Industries. We are all very proud of our achievement but without our 200 employees, these results couldn’t be possible as stated by the CEO of Belt-Tech Robert J. Belanger.

Belt-Tech is a private enterprise created in 2005. The head office and the plant of 220,000 sq.ft. is located in Granby, Quebec. The company employs 200 people and operated 7 days/week. The company specializes in the manufacturing of seat belt webbing for the automotive and aircraft sectors, they also manufacture webbing for the industrial sector covering lifting slings, webbing for safety harnesses and other applications.

Produits Belt-Tech inc

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Light Webbing

Belt-Tech has the expertise to provide light webbing constructions in the Aviation and the Automotive Sectors, and other applications depending on the end users requirements. Due to major improvement in yarn processing, new fibers are available and our development capabilities combined with these new fibers is a major source to response to your daily challenges.

Belt-Tech USA

Belt-Tech International is pleased to announce the opening of a new Division in the USA. This new division is located in Florida and at the beginning, there will be no production overthere and we are looking to acquire a wire rope and sling operation in order to be verticalled integrated and provide to our customers new innovations in the Sling Sector with our new Nylon-Like and SDS webbings.