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A major manufacturer of Automotive Narrow Fabric Webbing, including products such as Seatbelt, Tether Straps and Pull Straps is now offering a complete assembly solutions.

Belt-Tech supplies this industry for over 25 years and specializes in color matching’s, chemical finishing’s and webbing constructions meeting the FMVSS302 Automotive specifications.

belt-tech assembly

Belt-Tech Products has a long experience with the Automotive Industry for different applications such as Seat-Belt Webbings, Tethers for air bag, Different types of pull straps. Our products are approved by OEM’s and our manufacturing process is TS16949 compliant.

Product Characteristics :
  • Polyester & Nylon Webbings
  • Width 15.88 to 51mm
  • Colour Development on Site
  • Approved by OEM’s
Usage :
  • Pull Straps
  • Head Rests
  • Luggage Straps
  • Seat Belts
  • Tethers
Coating Available :
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • UV Absorber Automotive
  • Flame Retardant
  • REF Finish
  • REF After Aging
  • Low Friction Finish
  • Etc…
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Width (mm)
Tensile (lbs)
Thickness (mm)
Elong. (%)
Weight (kg/km)
Nylon 20 Nylon 4300 1.30 n/a 25.0
PES 20 PES 4000 1.30 n/a 25.0