Meters of webbing produced so far by our company

Past Accomplishments

  • First North American Approved Webbing – Volkswagen
  • Developed complete range of webbing for toyota and other transplants from Japan
    • Including an important improved finish with R.E.F afterageing characteristics
  • First Single Needle Monofilament to be used in ford platforms
  • Developped Automobile Airbag Tetherstrap
  • Have partnered with B.F. Goodrich to develop Aircraft Passenger Restraints tubular webbing for inflatable aircraft seatbelts
  • Have partenered with U.P.C.O. Division B.F. Goodrich to develop tbular webbing for inflatable automobile seatbelts and side-impact airbags
  • We developed with CTT group and AmSafe aviation group, a revolutionary intelligent webbing restraint system for passengers.
  • Developed the first thin webbing
    • Thinflex Mono : 1.1mm
    • Thinflex Multi : 0.9 mm